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Odin the Allfather, the True God of War

Odin the Allfather is the ruler of the Gods in the North, the true God of War. The son of Bor and Bestla Odin possesses supreme cunning. He is also known as “father of the slain”, as half of the valorous warriors who fall in battle join his army, the Einherjar, in preparation for the Ragnarok.

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The Punishment of Loki

The Gods finally had their fill with Loki. After an eternity of mischief he had finally gone too far: Baldr was dead.  No stone in the Nine Realms was left unturned in the savage hunt for Loki. The God of mischief was about to receive such a punishment, that it would shake the very foundations of Midgard.

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The seeds of betrayal: Loki, Thor and the Jotun Geirrod – Part 2 of 2

Loki has always been mischievous and cunning, but during the early days, his cunning was always at the service of Asgard. If there ever was a turning point to Loki’s demeanor, perhaps this story is where the seeds of betrayal were planted.

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