Social: Because every warrior needs something to fight for.

The Warrior Lodge is not your ordinary online Norse merchandise store. Besides selling traditional Viking jewelry and other warrior products, we also intend to make a difference. We support social causes and want to contribute to the community by donating a portion of our revenues to a particular cause each month. During 2024, some of our sales profits will go to those struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease. The Warrior Lodge goal is to commit and create an impact on our society because we know that there’s more to owning a business than just earning. We firmly believe that giving back to the community is what we’re born to do and The Warrior Lodge was established for that particular reason.

The beginning

It was the summer of 2013. The Draken Harald Hårfagre was sailing along the Norwegian coastline outside Vestlandet, and I saw it from the shore. In that very moment I felt the call of the Gods and the idea of The Warrior Lodge was born. It would take another few years until The Warrior Lodge came into being. We faced many obstacles and challenges, but we loved every step on the way. We hope to celebrate the history and tradition of our ancestors, and we invite you to join us!

Daniel, founder of The Warrior Lodge.