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The Punishment of Loki

The Gods finally had their fill with Loki. After an eternity of mischief he had finally gone too far: Baldr was dead.  No stone in the Nine Realms was left unturned in the savage hunt for Loki. The God of mischief was about to receive such a punishment, that it would shake the very foundations of Midgard.

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The seeds of betrayal: Loki, Thor and the Jotun Geirrod – Part 2 of 2

Loki has always been mischievous and cunning, but during the early days, his cunning was always at the service of Asgard. If there ever was a turning point to Loki’s demeanor, perhaps this story is where the seeds of betrayal were planted.

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Old Norse Law and (some) Order

The ancient Norse had a complicated system of honor and justice developed over many centuries, a system very similar to the British-American Common Law, based on judgement by their own peers, passed out on a gathering named “Thing” (Old Norse, Old English and Icelandic: þing, the governing assembly of free people). But how exactly did it work?

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