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Wyrd of Frigg Rotatable 925 Silver Ring and Wedding Band

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Frigg (old Norse beloved one”) is the queen of Asgard and wife of Odin the All-Father. She is the goddess of the sky, fertility, household, motherhood, love, domestic arts and, specially, marriage.

For Vikings, marriage wasn’t just a union of the couple, but of families. Marriage was the center of the family in Viking culture, which in turn created intricate and complex traditions, all of them necessary to earn the blessings of the gods.
Traditionally, weddings were held on Friday, the sacred day for Frigg, the goddess of marriage, with the celebrations lasting for a full week.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom presents his ancestral sword to his bride, receiving from her a sword of her ancestors. In both sword hilts rest wedding rings, exchanged rings to further consecrate the vows before the Gods, joining the destinies of two into one.

The word Wyrd means fate in old Norse, a concept as old as humanity itself. 

The weaving of the Wyrd, or destiny, is made by the Norns, a trio of wise women who lived on the base of Yggdrasil. They shape the fate of all Vikings by weaving their destinies into threads, which they cut at the end of the being’s life. 

The Wyrd of Frigg 925 Silver Ring and Wedding Band symbolizes two fates intertwined together, with all the blessings of the Gods.

The ring is made of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver, weights 8.5g and is 8mm wide.


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