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Viking Glass Drinking Horn

Color Clear 410ml
Capacity 410ml
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Do you enjoy savoring your mead, wine, beer or other beverage from a drinking horn? If so, you now form part of a legacy of drinking horn lovers that started ages ago.

Drinking horns have been around since the classical era, which began in 8th-7th century BC. With a long drinking horn history attached to them, drinking from a horn is a unique experience in itself.

Over the millennia, civilizations across the globe have made drinking horns from a variety of other materials too, not just the horns, but also clay, metal, wood, ceramics and yes, glass.

The Viking Glass Drinking Horn honors our ancestors while providing a refined container for a great beverage.

The Viking Glass Drinking Horn is 23.1cm tall, 8.7cm in diameter at the top and 8cm in diameter at the base.

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