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Viking Berserker Axe 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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The weapon of choice of the viking warrior, the Axe in all its varieties was the workhorse of the Norse culture. Not only deadly in combat, the axe also doubled as a multipurpose tool: from chopping wood, to building boats and houses, to beheading enemies.

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a Viking without his trusted Axe.

The fabled berserker is a mighty warrior capable of entering such a furious furious state of mind that it became its own word: Berserkergang. During their fury they howled like wild beasts, foamed at the mouth, and gnawed the iron rim of their shields. According to belief, during these rages they were immune to steel and fire, making great havoc in the ranks of the enemy.

In battle, berserkers dispensed with shields and armor, covering their bodies with bear pelts, instilling fear in the hearts of their enemies. This bear-warrior tradition and symbolism survives to this day in the form of the bearskin caps worn by the guards of the Danish monarchs.

Handmade by master artisans, the Viking Berserker Axe 925 Sterling Silver Pendant represents the unbending courage and unending fury of the Berserker Warrior.

This pendant is crafted of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver and weighs 11g(small) or 20g(large). The details are etched in Brass and Copper and with a red Cabochon stone on the pommel of the axe. The bail (hole for the chain) size is 5*6mm, with a recommended necklace diameter of up to 4mm in thickness.

This product is pendant only, no chain included. 

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