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Thor Goat Tanngnjostr Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

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Thor has two goats that pull his chariot, Tanngrisnir, or "teeth-barer, snarler” and Tanngnjóstr, the "teeth grinder” in old Norse. Always faithful and always willing to take Thor on his journeys. The goats’ flesh can also provide Thor with sustenance should he need it for, as long as their bones remain unbroken, Thor resurrects them in their full strength on the next day.

In Scandinavian folklore, witches who magically replenish food sometimes appear in tales, the food usually being herring. However, in fear that one would waste away for eating the same morsel again and again, folk tales describe the breaking of the herring bones when eating it as a form of precaution

The ring is made of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver, weighing 16g. The goat height is 16.5mm.

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