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The Eye of Njord 925 Sterling Silver Ring With Blue Cubic Zirconia Stone

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Njord (Njörðr) is the God of the sea and of all the wealth and bounty that comes from the sea. A Vanir God, he is one of the most important Gods of the Norse pantheon and widely worshiped by all the peoples of the north, seafarers by nature and heart.

Njord is described as being extremely wealthy and prosperous, able to grant wealth in the form of land and valuables to those who invoke his aid. There is even an old saying from the Viking Age Norway, that claims very wealthy people were “as rich as Njord”.


Handmade by master artisans, The Eye of Njord 925 Sterling Silver Ring With Blue Cubic Zircon Stone weighs around 10g (varies slightly according to size). The main stone is a “AAA” Dark Blue Zircon Stone on its center, weighing 4.16ct, measuring 10*8mm. On each side of the main stone, additional nine dark zircon stones are studded (18 total)



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