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Sterling Silver Runes Beard Rings

Sterling Silver Runes Beard Rings

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To discover the secret magic of the RunesOdin hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasil, pierced himself with his spear, and peered downward into the shadowy waters of the Well of Urd, a pool of fathomless depths that held the Norns, the maidens of fate themselves. For nine days and nights the Allfather tethered between life and death in his self imposed ordeal. At the end of the ninth night, from the depths of the Well of Urd he finally learned the secret of the runes

You may use the Runes on beard, hair or even as a bracelet, by tying them together with a leather cord, chain or even a string. They will certainly look imposing!

Honor the Allfather sacrifice by displaying the might of the Runes to all Midgard!

These beads are made of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver, sold individually. The bead dimensions are 12.5mm in height, with a hole 6mm wide, weighting 3.79g.

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