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See you in Valhalla 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

See you in Valhalla 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Valhalla, Odin’s Hall. The heavenly dwelling where the worthy warriors who fell in battle come to spend their afterlives with the Allfather himself. Much more than simply a warrior's paradise, Valhalla is the training grounds for Ragnarok itself.

While Valhalla is perhaps the most famous place in the afterlife, it is not the only honorable option. Only half of the warriors who fell in battle may reach Valhalla, while the other half go to the Goddess Freyja Hall, Fólkvangr, a very pleasant place according to the Edda.

Falling in battle is not always an option, and the vast majority of the deceased has Helheim as their final destination. The realm of Hel or Helheim, Old Norse for Hidden,” is not a place of punishment in the Norse Religion, but simply a continuation of life somewhere else. In some sagas, its even portrayed as a land of startlingly abundant life on the other side of death. 

The dead in Hel spend their time doing the same things that they did in life: eating, drinking, fighting, sleeping, and so forth. The God Baldr, beloved by all, actually spends his time in Helheim, where he is an honored guest in the halls of the Goddess Hel.

Commemorating the passage to the afterlife of Hel, The Warrior Lodge presents its Hel Collection, combining the beauty of Pure Sterling Silver with the most discerning aspect of death, the Grinning Skull.

The pendant is handcrafted of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver.

The item is a pendant only, no chain includded.

Weight: 17.5g

Pendant size: 30*27mm

Bail (hole for the chain) inner size: 9*7mm

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