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Ragnar Lothbrok 925 Silver Bracelet

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Ragnar Lothbrok was a fearless Viking hero who became legendary for his deeds, securing his place in Valhalla.

He is mentioned in several Nordic sagas, including one with his own name: The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok, as well as Gesta Danorum saga, the most illustrious literary work to come out of Medieval Denmark.

The legendary Viking hero was also a king of Denmark and Sweden. Ragnar is believed to have been the scourge of both early Medieval England and France, raiding the Anglian kingdoms of Northumbria and Wessex on many occasions, along with the Kingdom of West Francia, concluding in the siege of Paris in 845.

The Ragnar Lothbrok 925 Silver Bracelet is handmade of pure 925 Serling Silver.

The bracelet is weaved by hand and weighs 25g, it is 5mm thick and 8mm wide. The bracelet is adjustable for wrists from 16 to 22cm.

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