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Old Norse Calendar 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Old Norse Calendar 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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The old Norse calendar is lunisolar, where the lunar months were tied to the solar year, dividing the year into two seasons: summer and winter.

The 12 months are divided into six nattleysi (nightless days), or summer months, and six skammdegi (short days), or winter months. In the middle of summer, an extra period is added, called sumarauki (additional summer, these days referring to Indian summer) to make sure each month would start around the same time each year.

While not used anymore in a daily basis, the old calendar is still very much useful today, as the dates for major Icelandic holidays, like First Day of Summer and Þorrablót are still calculated using it.


Handmade by master artisans, the Old Norse Calendar 925 Sterling Silver Pendant is 40mm high, 5mm wide and 5mm thick and weights 9.3g. The rope length is 60cm and adjustable.

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