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Norse Trader 925 Sterling Silver Ring With Natural Lapis Lazuli Agate or Malachite

Gem Color Lapis lazuli
Ring Size 6
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One of the most striking features of the Viking Age was the vast trade network that the Norse maintained, which stretched from Greenland in the west to Baghdad and central Asia in the east, and encompassed virtually all of the peoples who lived in between.

In Hedeby, one of the most important Scandinavian trade towns, archaeologists have found much evidence for long-distance trade of a remarkable variety of goods: small ceramic bottles with mercury, amber, bars of iron, lead, silver, brass, foreign jewelry including carnelian and rock crystal, glass, foreign pottery, silk, a set of counterfeit Arab dirhams, and even wine barrels from the Rhineland, which were reused to line well shafts.

Handmade by master artisans, The Norse Trader 925 Sterling Silver Ring is inspired in the ring found in Birka, Sweden, in the late XIX century. The ring found has the inscription “Allah” on it, proving the vast range of the Norse trade routes during the Viking Age. The lapiz lazuli stone symbolizes the sea routes, the malachite the land routes and the agate symbolizes the secrecy that all good business must maintain to thrive.

The Norse Trader Ring is made of certified 925 Sterling Silver and weighs around 5.5g (size 8 -varies slightly according to size). The stones are all natural stones. The stone size is 13*16mm.


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