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Freyja's Garden 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Freyja's Garden 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

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The Goddess Freya is the most prominent of the Vanir Gods, a Goddess associated with domesticity, womanhood, sorcery, magic, and sexuality as well with war and death. It was said that after a battle, Freya would lead a band of Valkyries to gather one half of the worthy fallen warriors to her hall, Folkvangr, while the other half went to Odin’s hall Valhalla.

The blessing of Freya will always include love and desire, abundance and beauty, valor and the afterlife, music and poetry, magic and wisdom.

The ring is made of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver, it is 10mm wide and weights 8.5g. The ring is adjustable between sizes 6.5 to 10.

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