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Evenstar of Alfheim 925 Sterling Silver Earrings with Zircon Stones

Gem Color Earrings Only
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Álfheimr is the homeland of the Elves. Ruled by Vanir God Freyr, the Lord of Plenty, Alfheim It is described in the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson (in the poem Gylfaginning) as “more beautiful than the sun”, a gracious realm of light and beauty.

The Earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver, measuring 40*12mm (with hoop) and weighing 4g. They are set with AAA Zircon Stones. The box is made of zinc alloy, its dimensions are 9*7*4.5cm weighing about 180g.


The Evenstar of Alfheim 925 Sterling Silver Necklace is available here.

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