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Chosen of Odin 925 Silver and Rope Bracelet

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Valhalla is Odin’s Hall, where warriors who died in battle and were found worthy by the Allfather come to spend their afterlives.

The honored dead who reside in Valhalla form the Einherjar, meaning “army of one”. During the day, the Einherjar battle one another in training, doing countless valorous deeds along the way. In the evening, all their wounds are healed and a banquet awaits them, with plenty of mead and boar meat.

The Grímnismál states that the gates of Valhalla are so wide that 800 warriors can walk through it next to each other. The roof is decorated by shields, and it is held up by spear shafts, on the benches lay chain mails. On the western door hangs a wolf, and above him an eagle. Valhalla is enormous, it has 540 rooms, and many of them are most likely dedicated to housing the large army of Einherjar.

The Bracelet is
handcrafted of 925 Sterling Silver and waxed rope. The bracelet comes in two sizes, both adjustable for wrists from 16 to 18cm.

Type 1: Weighs 8.3g, rope width 2mmm, feather size: 40*7mm

Type 2: Weighs 15.8g, rope width 3mmm, feather size: 52*8mm

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