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Chain of Souls 925 Sterling Silver

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When the Gods finally had their fill with Loki’s mischief, they decided to imprison him until the end of days, in a cave where a poisonous snake would constantly drip venom over his face. 

To bind him, 
the gods festooned a fetter made with the entrails of Loki’s own sons Nari and Narfi, which became rigid and strong as steel after binding Loki.

Loki remains imprisoned up to this day, causing earthquakes as he shakes and tests his fetters. He will remain chained until Ragnarök, when he will lead the frost giants, seeking his revenge on the gods who killed his sons and imprisoned him.

A chain strong enough to bind a God, it also represents the fact that not even the strongest chains are able to keep someone imprisoned forever and, as difficult as a situation may be now, one day it will be over.

Handmade by master artisans, the Chain of Souls Bracelet is made of pure 925 Sterling Silver, 8mm thick, weighting around 37g depending on the size.

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