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Armor of Baldr 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

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The God Balder often had dreams about things yet to come and, one night, he dreamt about his own demise.

In the next morning, he shared this dream with his mother, the Goddess Frigg. Hearing about the prophetic dream, Frigg immediately decided to act, and embarked on a journey through the Nine Realms to exact an oath from each and every material and object not to harm Balder. Despite the near-impossibility of the task, vows were being sworn faster than expected, for Baldr was universally loved.

Fire, water, stones, iron and every metal swore oaths. Each kind of illness swore an oath. Nothing could stay Frigg from her mission or resist her sweet persuasion. All the animals and plants swore oaths. All except for the mistletoe, which was considered too unimportant, nonthreatening and thus forgotten.

When Frigg returned to Asgard, it was with a great relief that she told her son Balder that, for the first time, his prophecy would not come to pass. He was safe and nothing would harm him.

But Loki heard about the mistletoe...

The ring is a constant reminder of the old adage that is “what we do not know that may kill us.”

The ring is handcrafted of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver. The ring weights 21g and is 37*23mm in size, adjustable for sizes 7 to 12.

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