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Viking clothing

Viking clothing

Viking clothing

The Norse peoples were notoriously well-groomed, which caused no small amount of envy. As a famous XIII century passage says about the Vikings:

"The Danes made themselves too acceptable to English women by their elegant manners and their care of their person. They combed their hair every day, bathed every Saturday, and even changed their garments often. They set off their persons by many such frivolous devices. In this manner, they laid siege to the virtue of the married women and persuaded the daughters, even of the nobles, to be their concubines.” 

Our Viking Clothing collection includes both authentic replica pieces and exclusive modern designs made by our artists. If you are looking for authentic replica clothing, check out of tunics, including cotton under tunics and woolen over tunics, short and long sleeves We also have a variety of Viking-style trousers and pants. Match them up with your favorite jewelry to complete your authentic Viking look.

T-shirts, Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and tunics for the Modern Viking Warrior.

Because it is not enough to plunder riches: one has to look good while doing it!

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