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Viking Longship 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Gem Color only pendant
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Longships have a long history in Scandinavia, with their existence dating back to the fourth century BC, being widespread used by the Vikings for commerce, exploration, and warfare.

The mightiest of all the Longships were the Drakar, named for the carvings of dragon heads at either end. The ship was a favorite due to its size: it had upwards to thirty rowing benches, with two rowers per bench, with the largest ones being able to carry more than 100 warriors.

The large capacity for men and for cargo made the elegant and ornately decorated ships the Viking’s favorite for raiding and for commerce, an icon into itself.

This pendant is crafted of pure and certified 925 Sterling Silver, its size is 37.6*28.3mm weighing 7.65g. The chain is also made of 925 Sterling Silver and is 1.1mm thick.

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