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Thor's Hammer Mjolnir with Odin Raven Stainless Steel Necklace

Chain Style with beads chain
Length 50cm
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DescriptionMjolnir, Thor’s hammer and badge of office is one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains in a single strike. Although most famous for its use as a weapon, Mjolnir plays a vital role in Norse religious practices and rituals, being used to bless marriages, births, and funerals.

Odin’s ravens: Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) symbolize the Allfather’s protection of the wearer’s mind from ill influences.

The Raven and the Mjolnir are actually two pendants, connected with a magnet, and can be used together or separately.

This beautiful necklace is made of 316L stainless steel, a nickel and molybdenum alloy known for its sturdiness and corrosion resistance.

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