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The Thread of Wyrd 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

The Thread of Wyrd 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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The word Wyrd means fate in old norse, a concept as old as humanity itself. 
The weaving of the Wyrd is made by the Norns, a trio of wise women who live on the base of Yggdrasil. They shape the fate of all Vikings by weaving their destinies into threads, which they cut at the end of the life. 

The strong belief in Wyrd, or fate, is the source of the terrifying bravery of the viking warrior, and all things – even the gods themselves – are bound to their Wyrd. Since it is impossible to escape fate, true valor rests on meeting it head on, with courage and honorIt is not how long or short is the time given to us, but how we use it.

The Thread of Wyrd 925 Silver Bracelet is a constant reminder to face the world with courage and honor, regardless of the circumstances and that intertwined fates can sometimes be bigger than the sum of its parts.

Size and weight:

Style A (square clasp)
17cm  weight about 42g;
18cm   Weight about 44g ;
19cm   Weight about 46g ; 
20cm   Weight about 48.2g ;
21cm   Weight about 52.3g ; 

Style B (round clasp)
17cm   weight about 37g;
18cm   Weight about 40g ;
19cm   Weight about 42g ; 
20cm   Weight about 43g ;
21cm   Weight about 45g ; 
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